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💫 PWYC Accessible Pricing

For Equity Access Program 👇

Email with no questions asked:


This virtual art workshop is perfect for folks interested in learning to loose and find a creative way to enter flow state 😌



It is a transformative session where the focus is on the journey rather than the destination, using radical acceptance and letting go of expectations as core principles. 


Folks enjoy ambient-influenced electronic music while using whatever supplies they have, a perfect moment to pull out hoarded art supplies!

There's three different 20 minute activities that we do, along with breaks and some opportunity to connect with each other 😊


This two-hour adventure together is supported by a safe setting where processing emotions and sharing experiences are interwoven.

Perfect for introspective people, especially those who are new to identifying as creative or artistic.

Play with materials like we innately knew how to do as children 🪁

Artistic experience NOT required! Everyone is welcome

Ideal Materials

Art paper + any 2-4 mediums. You can re-use some if you are limited 🙏

Examples: 9x12 mixed media paper, crayons, watercolors, pencil crayons, scissors, stapler, acrylics, marbles, and anything else you have stored away!

Mixed-media based experience, explore different mediums and try something new and inspiring 🌈



Multiple artworks to reflect on, showing your diverse experience playing with different materials.

Mindsets around allowing oneself to engage in play, letting go of expectations, and being gentle oneself.


Equity Access Program

Financial barriers to attending?
No questions asked! 💝

Thanks to generous folks in society who have the capacity to pay more, together we create accessible opportunities for all.

Please connect with me so we can discuss what would allow you to participate now (space permitting) ~ or in a future event.


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Testimonials 💌

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💕 collabs +💕

Prisma, Arts Network Ottawa, Tangled Art + Disability, Doris McCarthy Gallery, Ottawa Miniature Gallery, Canadian Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Toronto Media Arts Center, CUE Grant Toronto, LGBTQ+ Exhibition, City of Ottawa, Toronto Arts Council
Sara Prisma, Shopify SheEO Scholarship for Social Enterprises, Coralus, DeSerres Professional, Crime Prevention Ottawa, House of Paint Mural, Radical Connections, Artly World, George Brown College, Carleton University, Algonquin College Photography
Vibrant and optimistic commissioned abstract painting for Toronto Ontario Canada art collector. Displays a magical teal gestural sweep, with accents of royal blue, grape purple, and violet. Shining gleams of mica flakes give an ethereal feeling to artwork

give the gift of uplift 😊

"I commissioned Sara to create a painting as a gift for a friend.

Sara listened attentively to my intentions and ideas for the artwork, kept me updated throughout the process, and created something even more magical than I could have envisioned!

Sara's artwork is unique, creative, and delightful, and I would be happy to work with Sara again."

Tania Cheng (she/they)

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