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💎 reflect, release, redefine: creative intentions workshop 💎

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This adults only virtual workshop is perfect for folks who are interested in self-reflection or anyone going through a major life change.


Discover this transformative 2-hour session accessible via ZOOM, where you'll be guided through different life categories while using stream-of-consciousness writing techniques and an expressive art making process.

hone in on what to leave behind, and what to aim towards.

Art / writing experience not required - is an inclusive environment with a safer spaces policy for you to creatively explore yourself without judgement.

Ideal materials are as follows, if you don't have - you can improvise from your hoard of supplies!

* 2 pieces of thicker art paper to write on
------ for use side by side, bigger the better if possible
* non-smudge writing tool
------- permenant marker, ballpoint pen (for small paper)
* any colourful supplies
------ pencil crayons, pastels, watercolours

If you want more information about supplies, reach out an I can give you some product recommendations!


shamelessly compassionate access option

Financial barriers to attending? Please connect with me so we can discuss my what would allow you to participate now (space permitting) ~ or in a future event.

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⭐ private sessions ⭐

future self life mapping

$540 package

* two 2-hour private sessions

* explore different life categories, later broken down into customized sections

* powerful tool to bring to your therapy or coaching sessions!

* digital and printable

💎 intuitive analyzing brings insight and clarifies intentions

💜 buy experience 💜

* anonymous example shared with consent

🤩 colourful live painting 🤩

infuse your event with vibrancy 🌈

capture the energy of the space with a uplifting masterpiece created on-site!

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🌿 retreats & partnerships 🌿

let's work together!

~ all services have an element of radical acceptance and compassion ~

* work together to design customized programming

* care focused projects for relatable minority groups
(2SLGBTQIA+, eating disorders, street-involved, addictions, neurodiverse, and disabled)

* intimate peer supported groups

* free-roam activity table option for retreats / events

* virtual or IRL event hosting

* charity events

* panel discussions

💕 collabs + more 💕

~ details under each logo ~

Art's Network Ottawa, Tangled Art + Disability, Doris McCarthy Gallery, Ottawa Miniature Gallery, Canadian Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Toronto Media Arts Center, CUE Grant Toronto, LGBTQ+ Exhibition, City of Ottawa, Toronto Arts Council
Shopify SheEO Scholarship for Social Enterprises, Coralus,, DeSerres, Crime Prevention Ottawa Park Bench Painting, House of Paint, Radical Connections, Artly World, George Brown College, Carleton University, Algonquin College School of Media & Design.
Vibrant and optimistic commissioned abstract painting for Toronto Ontario Canada art collector. Displays a magical teal gestural sweep, with accents of royal blue, grape purple, and violet. Shining gleams of mica flakes give an ethereal feeling to artwork

give the gift of uplift 😊

"I commissioned Sara to create a painting as a gift for a friend.

Sara listened attentively to my 
intentions and ideas for the artwork, kept me updated throughout the process, and created something even more magical than I could have envisioned!

Sara's artwork is 
unique, creative, and delightful, and I would be happy to work with Sara again."

Tania Cheng (she/they)

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